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anama2508's Journal

25 August 1989
Ok... who am i?

Have no idea... let me think...

Oh yeah.. n_nU... Im Anama-chan. I like anime, nintendo, cooking and drawing,platying the flute, chating with friends, and playing with my cat.

OK... let me fill this questionary my friends gave me so you can get to know me better.

Full name. Ana Maria Arreaza Avilan.

Sex. Female.

Hair color... Brown, a bit long n_nU

Eyes? Same color...

Height... 1.64 mtrs i think..

Meassurements... none of your bussiness n_nU

Nicknames?... have too many, let me see, anama, neko-chan, gatita, mapache, otaku, tamagochi, chibi, galletita, ken-chan, hito, scarface, blushy, and... some others that embarass me even more so i won't share n_nU

Scars? .. acctually.. yeah i have an horizontal line on my left cheek... makes me feel like kenshin himura n_n

Sign... Virgo.. long live shaka xD

My hobbies? the same stuff i like.

Goals in life... See all the anime and play all the nintendo games i could possibly get to see and play before i die (yeah not very common... but it's what i like so who cares?)

I'f i would die here, what would be my regrets... Easy, did not get too see and play all the anime and nintendo i could have. (told you that's what i like n_n)

My birthday 25/08/1989.. so if you want to know my age.. you do the math n_nU...

Special powers you posses... powers? mmm...super "play very well nintendo" abilities, have cat-like responses, also have great sight in the dark (cat-eyes n_n)... and i don't know... what else could there be? n_nU

Weakness... erm... *says in a really low voice*... tickles... x///xU

Things i don't like...

-Blushing (yeah.. hate it.. but can't deny i do get them often o///OU)

-Not being able to end a sentence... i swear to god.. i can't remember the last time i was able to end a sentence in my family --_--U...

- when i try doing stuff, and they don't come out right, (ussually because im sad or under stress)

- when people anoy me when im playing nintendo... that is not cool.. need to concentrate.

- when i get scared, ussually after a scary film or video game that my friends make me see.. Or when my onee-sama enters Spooky mode and scares all the living sense or notion of reality that i posses and leaves me having scary nightmares, me sleeping with the lighs on... or... me not sleeping at all

- and plenty other stuff i can't remember now n_nU

ok... next in list...

Greatest fear... spiders... *shudders*.. disgusting little things...

Things i wish to control... my expresions... everybody knows what im thinking, i also can't control when i blush, or the fact that i have tickles... *sighs* wish there could be a formula to stop that

Favorite drink... Iced Water n_n... and seconds... mmm Tea n_n... so what if i don't i drink? ussually i get drunk with half a beer so... have to keep that in control n_nU

Favorite Fruit... Cherry!!! xD

Things im asshamed off... Im really clumsy, i practically hit my head at least 5 times a day and fall other 10 times *sighs*, also i seem to never understand things or get hints, im always in the moon daydreaming... *starts daydreaming for 5 minutes about anime until she realizes she is writing and wakes up* uh?... well yeah... that..

Weird facts... Weird facts? i don't know... let me think... oh yeah i can think of 3 actually..

-1..whenever im full from eating a meal, i sneeze, weird uh? but well yeah... it's like an alarm to tell me "if you continue eating after this, then you will have indigestion..." or something like that n_nU

-2.. whenever im really scared, or have a really bad nightmare, my back, and shoulders, get hot... yeah... really weird o.oU

and -3... I can fall asleep in almost every possition as long as im sleepy , weird uh? n_nU...the problem with this, is mostly the pranks i ussually get from my classmates when i fall asleep in the classroom (and i mean from doodles in my face, to actuall bruises from them trying to wake me up --_--U)

People i care the most... erm... let me think, my family, my friends, katherine, cristina, jennifer, Beatriz, Gaby, Shido-kun, Dan-chan, Jen-dono, Yoshi-kun, nee-chan, and my Onee-sama... yeah... i think that's it... nope.. probably more people but im sleepy here so can't remember n_nU.

Afraid of death... actually.. no.. im more afraid of people dying than my actuall death.. so.. yeah nope.. (weird afraid of so many things and death does not enters the list.. And the score!!! Anama-chan 1, Grimm Reaper 0, Spiders and ghosts 157... Ok... i think im loosing there n_nU)

Afraid of pain.. HELL YEAH! ... have enough in my daily life with my clumsiness already... don't need anything more...

Favorite Music... erm... anything anime, the rasmus, linking park, evenescence, system of a down, classic music... so yeah.. you get to see me singing something like "drink this blood and will become inmortal baby, this love is breaking the one, last bond" (the rasmus, inmortal) and then jump to something like "Tanoshii yuu ge, saa kakomimashou,Kyou no namida wa, kora, asu no chikara ni shite .LA LA LA subarashiki LOVE & LIFE.."(fruits basket, Chiisana Inori) so yeah get plenty of stares at school n_nU.

Sports... me? sports? *starts laughing* yeah right... i have no eye/ hand cordination, ussually i just get hit in face with the ball n_nU, but i was in karate though n_n

games you like... nintendo, but also chess... and cards n_nU

words of wisdom... mmm... "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger"..i think n_nU

Thoughts while answering this? yeah... too long, who writes this stuff anyway?o.oU

Anything else you wish to say?...

Yeah... actually.. Gokigenyou!!! xD

Arigatou for reading! Hope to see ya! n_n... or something like that o.oU...

ja ne! xD

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